Rammed earth construction at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Readying MudWorks for the Limelight

MudWorks’ fame is already beginning to spread. On Monday, reporter Tom Stoelker from the Architect’s Newspaper was at the GSD to interview Anna Heringer and Urban Design student Nick Rivard about the project’s implications for rammed earth construction. That story is supposed to appear in print April 7, but may show up earlier on the website. Meanwhile, a Boston website, Futures + Design has scooped everyone. There’s still more too come: On Thursday, the renowned architectural photographer Iwan Baan will be at the GSD to document MudWorks. Baan, who will also be giving a talk at midday, has photographed the work of nearly every significant contemporary architect – from Herzog & DeMeuron to Koolhaas. Volunteers are needed to help with last minute details so MudWorks looks its best. If only there was a way to clean up the weird shadows under the Gund Hall canopy.

AN's Tom Stoelker shooting Anna Heringer

AN's Tom Stoelker shooting Anna Heringer


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