Rammed earth construction at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

MudWorks draws volunteers from across the country

Four days into the collaborative MudWorks project, the forms came off the first section of the main wall and it looked beautiful!

Chris Calott and Anna Heringer examine the mud slide

The project would never have made such fast progress without the help of a wide assortment of volunteers – in all sizes. Mark Goldman, a Taos, New Mexico developer and architect (trained at the Boston Architectural College), probably wins the honors for traveling farthest to participate. He spent four full days on the job site carrying pails of dirt, ramming and plastering.

Mark Goldman

Other volunteers came from nearby schools like MIT and RISD to join GSD students. One of the hardest working volunteers, Sarah, is a local resident contemplating an architecture career. Arlo, 7, and Saul, 5, Naparstek were youngest workers on the site. Hope OSHA is okay with that.

Because the work has gone so fast, volunteers have been able to start plastering of the mud sail and the mud slide. GSD students are starting to hone in on the details.

Tilly Hatcher plastering the mud sail

Smoothing the mud slide

Joanne Nerenberg and Sneha Khullar

Volunteers on the job site


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